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Uw sulky wordt gemaakt volgens uw wensen
Coating & strepen beschikbaar volgens uw voorkeur
Extra aanpassingen zoals teksten & logo's zijn ook mogelijk

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    CHEVI biedt een garantie van 2 jaar

    1. The warranty covers all of the products manufacturing and material defects.
    2. The warranty does not cover misuse of products.
    3. Warranty does not cover faults caused by failed maintenance or cleaning of the products.
    4. Warranty does not cover product failures caused by improper use. 5. The warranty does not cover the normal wear of paint and finished surface, or other paint or finishing damage resulted by use of product.
    6. Warranty does not cover the normal wear of parts.
    7. If a defect is detected, it must be notified according to the Consumer Protection Act within a reasonable time from the detection of the defect, or the moment when the defect should have been detected.
    8. If a defect is detected, a graphic documentation from the defect should be given to the manufacturer in order to estimate if it is covered by the warranty. Alternatively the product can be provided for the inspection at the manufacturers premises.
    9. The warranty covers the repair of the product defect if it is possible.
    10. If the defect cannot be repaired, it is replaced with a new product or part or the costs of the new product can be compensated in relation to the age and defect of the product.
    11. The warranty does not cover the cost of transporting the product, but it can be included depending on the defect.
    12. Product purchase must be presented with a proper documentation such as invoice.
    13. The serial number of a racing sulky must be presented.
    14. Manufacturer can grant the warranty even if all the conditions are not met.